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Correct Preparation for Hot Dip Galvanizing


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Handling of articles

Depending on size and shape, articles for galvanizing may require suspension holes or lifting lugs. They may alternatively be handled by chains or for smaller articles, on racks or in baskets. In the case of tanks (in particular open tanks), cross stays may be necessary to ensure the shape of the vessel is maintained during handling.

Surface contamination

Clean steel surfaces are an essential requirement for good hot dip galvanizing. Contamination in the form of grease, tar, paint and weld slag cannot be removed by pickling and they may result in black bare spots after hot dip galvanizing. Specifiers should ensure that the fabricator takes responsibility for articles being delivered free from contamination. Contamination is sometimes difficult to detect on the steel surface and will only show up after the galvanizing treatment. The article may then have to be re-galvanized, at additional cost.

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