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Pieces of material to be galvanized are moved quickly to the different stations of the process in the galvanizing plant with the aid of overhead cranes from the jigging area, through the processing tanks to the unjigging


Degreasing is not an integrated part of our galvanizing line. Material should be supplied clean and free of contamination such as oils, greases, welding anti-splatter etc. Should material require degreasing before processing this would be performed manually off line after customer consultation.


Pickling is required to remove mill scale and general oxidation. The Pickling Acid used is Hydrochloric Acid (H.C.L) at ambient temperature and has a strength of 14-16%.


A clean water rinse washes the material to remove the H.C.L prior to the treatment of prefluxing.


Immersion in the Flux Bath protects the material against oxidation formation between time going to the zinc dipping operation. Furthermore fluxing facilitates bonding between zinc and steel.

Zinc Coating

The items to be galvanized are immersed into a bath of molton zinc of 98.5% purity and at a temperature of 450 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the Zinc reacts with the iron and forms a fully metallurgical bonded coating. The principles have remained unchanged since galvanizing first became a trade more than 150 years ago.


Cooling is achieved by water quenching or air cooling depending on the type of fabrication or material that has been galvanized.

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